The Future of Augmented Reality

AR is a fast-growing field, with perhaps even more potential than VR. The technology is on a quick rise thanks to the success of Pokémon GO and other popular apps. The public is hungry for more and AR experiences. The companies are looking for the ways to implement AR into their products and services to attract more customers and push up sales.

The history of Augmented Reality proves that this technology can serve several different industries. But there are 3 usecases that stand out in the long run.


Pokémon GO is a remarkable example of AR application to the gaming industry. AR introduces a completely new experience and this is what attracts new players i.e. new customers today. Nowadays most of the mobile gamers are presented by the digital natives generation that is mad about new tech. That’s why it is the innovative AR tech and the AR experience that are fun and attractive today and will be in the nearest future in the field of mobile gaming.


Pokémon GO and Snapchat were a success. In an effort to mimic their results, marketers and agencies are anxious to use AR in their next consumer focused campaign.


The integration of AR in eCommerce is quickly changing how consumers shop by allowing them to see what they want to buy before any purchase is made.

Here are some more AR application cases in the following infographics:

That’s it! Is there anything important that’s missing here? What are other AR-related trends? Are you using AR in your business? Or do you plan to integrate AR into your marketing? Please, share in the comments!

All the best,
Anastasia, Marketing Specialist for DEVAR




Coding and gaming geek, writing about software and productivity-related stuff.

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Coding and gaming geek, writing about software and productivity-related stuff.

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