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According to a survey by MIT, a third of the US workforce has shifted to remote work as a result of the global pandemic. The growing WFH trend made employers nervous about a reduction in productivity and its potential impact on their businesses, increasing the demand for employee tracking software. Monitoring solutions that record app and URL time, take screenshots and calculate productivity rankings became a new trend.

Americans are expressing growing concern about their personal data security and see more risks than benefits in data collection, which feeds negative sentiments towards digital tracking tools. So, are companies taking technology…

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Agile has been growing in recognition since 2001 when this innovative project management approach has been developed and published in the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. The increasing digitalization and the COVID-pandemic highlighted a long-posed question of introducing Agile to companies not on the team level but on the business level.

Agile transformation is tough, especially for established companies and enterprises. It implies big shifts in workforce attitudes, core company values and mindset. The good news is that it is possible and has been done successfully by many companies. Why and how did they undergo agile transformation? …

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Developer’s job is one of the most mentally demanding jobs. Developers work with complex algorithms, juggle multiple things in their short-term memory and do many other mental operations to write code, and any interruption can cause these details to come crashing down. To operate effectively, they need to be focused and concentrated every second or, if lucky enough, work in the state of flow.

Also known as “the zone,” flow is a mental state in which a person is fully immersed into the activity at hand while experiencing a feeling of energized focus and enjoyment. It’s a magical feeling when…

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Most ambitious developers follow the same pattern: they do 9-to-5 jobs, participate in hackathons and events, build their personal brands on social media and get even more passionate and motivated by the feeling of rapid professional growth. Soon after that, they start to experience mental fatigue, emotional numbness and loss of motivation, which they tend to ignore. These red flags keep on growing in number until developers feel overwhelmed and unable to code.

Read on to learn about the red flags of developer burnout, practical advice on how to prevent it and actionable steps of how to overcome burnout, recover…

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Technology is the fastest-growing industry nowadays, which requires developers to keep up with the updates. What makes the 2nd half of 2021 an especially attractive time for attending conferences is that in the post-COVID times, most organizers host events online for free!

To help you find the best deals, we’ve compiled the following list of upcoming online conferences for developers that will take place from June to December 2021. Please note that the list is not comprehensive because most of the Q4 events will be announced later.

June 2021

Low-Code Marathon

Date: June 1–14, 2021
Location: Online
Cost: Free
Topics: Low-Code Tech, No-Code Tech

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As any other specialists, developers need to market themselves to get dream jobs and projects, attract more clients and reach a desirable level of income. The necessary skills and a killer portfolio website are the two things that you need. Many developers think of portfolios as an optional objective, passing the competitive advantage to those who think otherwise, and here’s why.

A developer portfolio is a website that showcases your best work, personality and talents. It is your best chance to prove your skills, share your enthusiasm about the profession and give your potential employers and clients a glimpse of…

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With the outbreak of the global pandemic and the growing popularity of remote work, remote meetings became an essential part of every workflow. Most managers prefer face-to-face meetings and perceive remote ones as less productive. But the good news is that there is always a possibility to adapt and improve the remote collaboration processes and outcomes.

To help you maximize the productivity of remote meetings, we’ve created the following list of tips. …

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Developers spend a lot of time using browsers. As of February 2021, 63% of worldwide Internet users prefer Google Chrome over other web browsers. And it’s not surprising because Google Chrome boasts its wide collection of extensions that extend browser functionality. So instead of installing additional software and tools, you can create your personal extensions toolkit that you can take with you wherever you go — just log into your Google account on any other device with pre-installed Google Chrome and sync the data.

We asked our developers at actiTIME to share their favorite Google Chrome extensions that they use…

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The number of people working remotely had been seeing a steady rise since 2008 until the global pandemic happened and made it an enforced trend. To job seekers, remote work provides greater control over their private lives, careers and overall well-being. At the same time, businesses still hesitate to allow remote working after the pandemic is over.

In this article, we’d like to list the key benefits of remote work for employers and employees and supply them with statistical evidence. Here’s a list of benefits that we are going to cover below.

Employer Benefits

1. Cost saving

According to Global WorkplaceAnalytics, cost savings is the…

The right background music can boost our concentration. But chill and lo-fi beats won’t satisfy every taste. What makes this music playlist compilation unique is that I’ll share my favorite playlists of epic, Celtic, hard rock, metal and electronicore music. Put your handphones on and explore.

Lo-Fi and Trip-Hop Beats

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